About Us

Connection Church Athens exists to connect all people to a growing relationship with Jesus. This is just another way to say we exist for the Great Commission Jesus gave to every church. Our mission is God's mission, that we get from God's word: to see God's glory cover the earth through worshipers all over the world! We desire to be a church that is focused on the Gospel because the Gospel is the power of God to save people. Therefore, we have a clear vision to see people connected to Jesus and raised up to be sent out all over the world to make disciples for God's glory!


Being Gospel-centered means that everything we do revolves around Jesus. Jesus' work on the cross not only provides salvation through reconciliation to God, but also sets the standard in everything we do. We want even the smallest things we do to be God-centered. This is why we like to say "It's all about Jesus!"


Being Bible-rooted means that everything we do will be grounded in God's Word. We believe the Bible is sufficient for everything. The Bible will be the final authority in everything from: how to grow into spiritual maturity, preaching on Sundays, to how we make the smallest decisions. God's revelation through His Word is our final authority. 


Being Mission-driven means that the driving force behind what we do is God's command to make disciples for His glory. God has called every person and church to play a part in His global purpose of Jesus being worshipped from Athens to the ends of the earth! From the first words of God, to Jesus' last words, we see that God's purpose for His church is to make disciples for His Glory!

Holy Spirit-Led

This means that the Holy Spirit leading will be a priority. We believe that every person that makes up God's church has the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we will fervently pray and follow where the Spirit leads in everything we do. 


We believe saved people live sent. The Gospel is not just our means to salvation, but also our fuel to see the Gospel save people from Athens to the ends of the earth. One of our greatest joys is seeing people reached, discipled and sent out all over for the kingdom. 


We believe every person has a purpose. Serving is what Christians naturally do because Christ first served us by going to the cross and receiving the wrath we deserve. Every person has been uniquely gifted to serve God's church and live a life of service in our homes, community, and the world. 


We believe real life change happens in community. We don't want anyone to settle for just attending Church. We want every person to belong to a Christ-centered family so that they are fully known and fully loved by God and other believers. 


We believe the Gospel produces generous people. God has called us to be generous with our time, money, and abilities. We are not called to only be generous with our money or time, but with all we have and all we do.